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Look for the BitTicket logo to regain trust in your concert, gig and event tickets.

Built-in protection against industrial scale ticket touts and ticket purchasing bots
Fraud & counterfeit proof - have confidence that your ticket is genuine, even if purchased from a stranger
Transfer to friends & family with ease and assurance

Our mission is to finally achieve a fair and trustworthy industry for all fans.

BitTicket Identity

We allow one Identity per person to combat touts, bots and fraud.

To send your tickets to friends and family you must build up your identity by submitting a video of yourself along with a form of identification.

BitTicket Wallet

BitTicket provides you with one wallet QR code that holds all your tickets securely, no matter which ticketing provider you bought them from.

Simply present it along with proof of ID to gain entry.

Fully Transparent

With our blockchain technology, all activity is locked in and public, shining a much-needed light on the aftermarket.

This also ensures tickets can be traced to check they're real, they can't be copied, plus many more benefits.

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BitTicket Connect

When purchasing your ticket, sign in with BitTicket Connect to link your wallet, and save time - there's no need to re-type all of your personal information.

Look for the BitTicket logo for participating ticketing platforms.

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