To every event fan who has been left unsatisfied with the current state of the event ticketing industry,

BitTicket stops industrial ticketing touts (scalpers), ticket bots, and counterfeit tickets. We’ve tested and shaped our blockchain technology and now we are ready to bring it to the wider industry.

To find out how more about BitTicket and how it works, click here.

Our mission is to secure every event ticket on the blockchain, to finally achieve a fair and trustworthy industry for all fans.

But we need your help and support to make a positive change.

We will achieve this global change by working alongside the current ticketing industry and with recent government legislation.

We are meeting with ticketing providers, venues and artists to urge them to implement BitTicket to secure their tickets on the BitTicket blockchain.

Our response from the industry has been positive, but there are some pivotal organisations that will resist change.

We need you to join us to persuade them.

If you have been affected by ticket-touts, unethical resale markets, or counterfeited tickets, please take 30 seconds to sign the petition to show your support and tell us where BitTicket is most needed.

The more signatures we gather the more leverage we have to persuade ticketing providers, venues and artists to implement BitTicket to protect your tickets.

Please, show your support by signing the petition.

I want the industry to adopt BitTicket because…

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