BitTicket, for the industry.

As well as providing your customers with trust, confidence, and protection from rogue players, BitTicket completes the missing link in your KYC.

Trace every ticket from initial sale to event entry, including aftermarket transfers
Communicate with your event's actual attendees, not just the original ticket purchasers
Cryptographically secure your sale and resale rules using our smart contracts

Our mission is to finally achieve a fair and trustworthy industry for all fans.

BitTicket as a Service

We provide a straightforward RESTful API so existing ticketing platforms and independent events can deliver BitTickets without having to interact directly with the blockchain.

Our technology simplifies the ticketing for events by having all ticketing outlets sell the same batch of tickets. This provides numerous benefits including streamlining admission, allocation management, and prevention of oversale.

Furthermore, by implementing BitTicket Connect the registration process can be shortened to make selling a ticket faster.

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Benefits of our Blockchain

The latest evolution of BitTicket runs on a dedicated blockchain, specified to the Ethereum Virtual Machine.

This approach makes immediate delivery possible, whilst still maintaining the integral blockchain pillars - transparency, immutablity, and guaranteed execution.

By taking control over who can distribute (and redistribute) tickets and making counterfeiting impossible, our blockchain makes sure fans get their tickets fairly and artists aren't being exploited by ticket touts.

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A note on ethics

We choose to partner with ticketing platforms and other industry players that share our ethics.

The BitTicket logo strives to become a stamp of ethical behaviour. By displaying our logo, our consumers must be confident that in any given situation, you will do the right thing.
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BitTicket® is a registered trademark of Citizen Ticket Ltd